The Priceless Princess

The Priceless Princess cover-art

The  Kindle version of ThePriceless Princess is now available for download. You can Google it using “The Priceless Princess from the Land of Hullabaloo” or click here.

The paperback version is also available BUT ONLY ON THE AMAZON.COM US site. will not stock any paperback (or hardback) books for sale on the Australian site. The cost of postage from the US is high so it you want a print copy here are a few alternatives.

TOTALLY OLD SCHOOL: Contact me directly and I will post you a copy at the super-budget price of A$5.50 including postage. Send a cheque or money order with your name and address. Contact address is PO Box 3, Katoomba NSW 2780.

ORDER THROUGH YOUR LOCAL BOOKSHOP:  The paperback will shortly be published through Ingram and made available to bookshops both in Australia and elsewhere for order. Until the arrangements are finalised the price won’t be fixed but it will be below A$12.99.

USE THE PAYPAL BUTTON: Soon a Paypal button will be attached here, and on the Priceless Princess’s site, for direct purchase through Paypal. The price will include postage anywhere in Australia.

There is more to come on the site especially some background information about the animals and birds featured in the story with photos and links to other sites.

And yes, there may well be a follow-up story soon. We can’t just leave the Princess up there on the battlements eating muffins with the Diamond Pythons!

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