For Children


My first children’s story, The Priceless Princess: from the Land of Hullabaloo, was published in December 2016.  It is now available online from Amazon Kindle, and as a print version from Amazon also.  There is no Amazon print version available for Australian readers unless they order from the US amazon site and pay the high postage.

However you can buy a copy from the book’s own website here

Purchase information is available on the ABOUT page.

Some copies will be available soon at good bookshops, or, if not available on the shelves, you can order from the bookshop although the price will be higher than that available from the website.

Green tree snakes feature in the Priceless Princess, along with a variety of other Australian native animals, including black cockatoos, owls and bilbies. Read more about them on the Princess’s website.

Green tree snake: from Keith Draws’ wonderful illustration



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