A Dying Year

A Dying Year will be the first volume published in the Outside the Frame project. It tells the story of the period leading up to the death of my mother and my ex-husband during three weeks in October 2008, and the aftermath which saw the collapse of my previously tight and fairly functional family. Around 75,000 words in length, it may appear in late 2018 or early 2019.


  1. Mortal Coil
  2. The Sydney Solution
  3. Memory and Truth: Austerlitz
  4. Mr Howard’s Package
  5. Escape to Bali
  6. Death in Ubud
  7. Silver Waters
  8. Impossible
  9. The Captain is Waiting
  10. Finale
  11. Interlude i
  12. Ashes to Ashes
  13. Dust to Dust
  14. Interlude ii
  15. Thy Will Be Done
  16. Get Over It!





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