Book Depository to the rescue…

I have been struggling with ways to make print copies of The Priceless Princess available in Australia. I have obtained quotes from commercial printers which will produce a much better quality product, but at a far greater cost than the simple print-on-demand copies I have paid for from Createspace. I wanted to get some copies into bookshops, so children who like the book in their school library can get someone to buy them a copy. Bookshops want books produced with higher quality. The cost of local printing is astronomically greater than the Createspace versions. The bookshops want a percentage of course and the final cost to the customer seems pretty high. I don’t think children, or their parents, particularly care about the quality of the paper or the type of glue used on the binding, but bookshops do.

Happily though the print-on-demand version is now available through Book Depository. So anyone can order it from there the same as any other published book.

But if you would like to buy one, or two, or more copies you can order them direct from the Princess’s website, here. Special offer on now: a personally signed copy, posted anywhere in Australia, for $14.99.  Although the main character is a girl, boys are loving the story too. They like the young Wizard of Spume.

PP the Wizard of Spume
The Wizard of Spume with the Green Tree Snake