I’ve always loved writing fiction. Right through my academic career novels and stories were always there in the background, and I amassed folders of written and typed manuscripts and computer files. I secretly thought of myself as a fiction writer – I just had to wait until I could emerge from my scholarly disguise.

Well now is the time to pull those babies out and give them a good wipe-over.  My favourite is a serious literary project begun in the early 1990s,  BACKEDDY.  It’s a good book and I still love it but a complicated structure and time frame give trouble every time I try a new edit. It is a truly Australian story, and if I could find a traditional publisher for it I would be delighted.

My short stories deserve a spin, even though everyone says the form is dead in the water. Commercial publishers aren’t interested, but there are readers who love them because they are quick to read on buses or in the bath.  Two volumes will appear in early 2019: Revolutionary Baby and Radiant Sands.

REVOLUTIONARY BABY is about life, mostly in Australia, in the twentieth century and includes three novelette length stories, as well as a number of shorter pieces.

RADIANT SANDS is a collection based on my experiences in Central Australia in the late sixties to the eighties, and includes several stories about the 1940s and 1950s.  The final novelette- length story, set around Maralinga, is a fictional account of a patrol officer facing awful choices when Aboriginal people were known to be still out in the atomic blast zone.


THE PRICELESS PRINCESS.  A book for children aged 8-10. E-book and print versions available. The Princess’s website is here.

SUBURBAN GIGOLO:  A cat’s eye view of life in the Inner Western suburbs of Sydney – a fun read with a serious message. Novelette-length in e-book only (no print version), available through Amazon.

All titles to be published from 2019 on will readily available in print and multiple e-book versions. Order from Amazon, for Kindle, or from any on-line bookseller for e-book and print versions.