About Me

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Unhappy Anne Arnold (left) at her grandmother’s house in Hurstville, c. 1949

This is a hard one. A lot of writers don’t want to say much about their real life. Others go on about their employment history, schooling, marriage, children, their dogs, their writing teachers, their beta readers, and the countless people who have played a part in their writing career. It’s a minefield. How much is too much?

When I started this blog I put in a lot of personal background. I’ve been researching family history and have finished a first draft of Book One which only goes to my seventeenth year. Here is an illustrated mini-version of the whole story .

Above, I was a lonely little girl in a troubled household.

At fifteen I was quite beautiful but very naughty, causing my parents nothing but grief.

Annette Arnold 1960

Fifteen and counting …

I have worked in many occupations apart from my academic employment: secretary, photographic assistant, fruit-picker and packer, recipe tester.

I studied anthropology, Japanese and English literature at University and finished up a professional academic until my recent liberation.

I have a complicated family life. Three adult children, two adult grandchildren and a loving partner.

Now I have gone back to the career I always wanted …. writer!

Wish me luck!

In the Zone 4 panel