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The wonderful Happiness Engineers at have come up with a brilliantly simple solution for selling through Paypal on any website running at the Premium rate. This one isn’t, as it is not intended as a commercial or sales site. Very soon a new Blackwing Press website will be running separately where all the books sold under the Blackwing Press logo will be listed and available for sale.

But if you would like to buy one, or two, or more copies of my children’s book The Priceless Princess, you can order them direct from the Princess’s website, here. Special offer on now: a personally signed copy, posted anywhere in Australia, for $14.99. Excellent Christmas presents for children 7-10. Although the central figure is a girl, I have recently had great feedback from many friends and associates who report that boys are loving the story too. They like the young Wizard of Spume.

PP the Wizard of Spume
The Wizard of Spume with the Green Tree Snake




Making Contact

I used to love emails and couldn’t wait to visit my in-box for my various email addresses. The commercialisation of everything has degraded the experience. With the endless torrent of emails, mostly trying to get you to spend money, makes it too tiring a task to go through them all every day. Then your email disappears to the bottom of the page and pretty soon disappears altogether. But a letter with a personal signature becomes something I care about and really want to read and respond to. So if you want to find out more, drop me a line using the “Contact” address.

Blackwing Press will have its own website and email address soon, along with a “buy” button so people in Australia can buy books published by the press using PayPal if they don’t have an Amazon account. Meanwhile, drop me a line, send me a postcard, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.